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Thank you for your interest in our school.  We are eager to talk with you about the educational opportunities available at Tidewater Academy, answer your questions, and show you our school campus!

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Brandee Phillips, Admissions Director

Call today. Ask for Brandee Phillips, Admissions Director.

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Do you need to communicate with a teacher about your student?  Talk to the business office, or meet with our head of school?  You may send our faculty and administrative staff an email, or call school at (757) 899-5401.  We are eager to assist you.

Beahm, Peggy (LS P.E., LS Computer) – p_beahm@tawarriors.org

Brittle, Leslie (LS Grade 4) – l_brittle@tawarriors.org

Brooks, Stefanie (PreK-8) – s_brooks@tawarriors.org

Conaway, Kelley (MS Math & Science) – k_conaway@tawarriors.org

Creighton, Tim (US English) – t_creighton@tawarriors.org

Cruz-Bonilla, Andrea (MS/US Spanish) –a_cruzbonilla@tawarriors.org

Cutrell, Lindsay (PreK 3) – l_joyner@tawarriors.org

Faison, Mary (LS Grade 3) – m_faison@tawarriors.org

Fitzsimmons, Trish (LS Grade 2) – t_fitzsimmons@tawarriors.org

Francis, Jeanette (LS Secretary) – j_francis@tawarriors.org

Gervais, Laura (Science 8-12, JV Volleyball Coach) – l_gervais@tawarriors.org

Jones, Ashley (U.S. Government, Yearbook, Physical Education 6-9) – a_jones@tawarriors.org

Jones, Chris (LS Music) – c_jones@tawarriors.org

Judkins, Ruth (LS Grade 1) – r_judkins@tawarriors.org

Kelly, Karen (LS Grade 5) – k_kelly@tawarriors.org

Kessinger, Kristin (PreK 4) – k_kessinger@tawarriors.org

Monahan, Judy (LS Kindergarten) – j_monahan@tawarriors.org

Norris, Amanda (LS Engineering) – a_norris@tawarriors.org

Ongor, Betty (PreK3) – b_ongor@tawarriors.org

Pittman, Emily (MS English, US Service Learning) – e_pittman@tawarriors.org

Price, Tina (Preschool Director, PreK 4, Cheerleading Coach) – t_price@tawarriors.org

Redfearn, Alecia (MS Social Studies) – a_redfearn@tawarriors.org

Simms, Charlotte (LS Librarian) – c_simms@tawarriors.org

Stanley, Carolyn (US Math) – c_stanley@tawarriors.org

Wright, Joe (US Drivers Ed) – j_wright@tawarriors.org

Babish, Lynn (Website) – l_babish@tawarriors.org

Conaway, Kelley (Administrative Assistant) – k_conaway@tawarriors.org

Croft, Robyn (Business Office) – r_croft@tawarriors.org

Ford-Westbrook, Gail (Lower School Director, College Counseling) – gfw@tawarriors.org

Francis, Lisa (Head of School) – l_francis@tawarriors.org

Phillips, Brandee (Admissions, Financial Aid, Alumni) – b_phillips@tawarriors.org

Westbrook, Walter (Athletics, Transportation) – w_westbrook@tawarriors.org

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