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Our Graduates

Quick Facts

On average, 90% of our seniors pursue higher education upon graduation. They attend and graduate from colleges and universities in Virginia as well as surrounding states.

Testimonials from our Graduates

Cameron Coleman, TA '07 - University of Virginia

“The academic experience at TA is incredibly strong.  I was able to hit the ground running in college.  TA offers an environment that helps you become well rounded.  TA teaches you to value relationships and communication.  I find relationships and communication to be just as important as knowledge, and for me it all started at Tidewater.”

Hayes Holdsworth, TA '10 - Charleston Southern University

“Being a student at Tidewater Academy was a very special experience.  While at TA I felt like I was a part of a large and very caring family!  I am very grateful for Tidewater Academy and the time that I spent there.”

Ferley "Terrell" Yerby, TA '11 - Longwood University

“Tidewater Academy is a school with a small classroom setting that focuses on each individual student, which gives every student an opportunity to attend any college in the nation.  Most importantly, TA molds every student’s character for their personal and professional future.”

Tidewater Alumni & Their Careers

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Before They Became TA Graduates, They Were Students