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Tidewater Academy

217 W. Church Street, Wakefield, VA 23888

School Hours 7:30 am-3:30 pm

Monday - Friday

School Policies & Procedures

School Hours & Schedules

Lower School – 8:00am-2:45pm

Middle & Upper School – 8:00am-3:00pm

Lower School – 8:00am-11:45am

Middle & Upper School – 8:00am-12:00noon

Lower School – 8:00am-11:20am

Middle & Upper School – 8:0am-11:30am

2017 Exam Schedule

Office hours for lower and upper school administration are 7:45am-3:15pm on full days.  Office hours may vary on half days and will be posted at the respective office.

8:00-8:50am – 1st Period

8:52-9:42am – 2nd Period

9:44-10:04am – Meeting Period

10:06-10:56am – 3rd Period

10:58-11:48am – 4th Period

11:50-12:20pm – 1st Lunch (Grades 6-8)

11:50-12:38pm – 5th Period (Grades 9-12)

12:22-1:10pm – 5th Period (Grades 6-8)

12:40-1:10pm – 2nd Lunch (Grades 9-12)

1:12-2:02pm – 6th Period

2:05-3:00pm – 7th Period

8:00-8:30am – 1st Period

8:35-9:05am – 2nd Period

9:10-9:40am – 3rd Period

9:45-10:15am – 4th Period

10:20-10:50am – 5th Period

10:55-11:25am – 6th Period

11:25-11:55am – 7th Period

Procedures for Late Arrival & Early Departure

Late Arrival – Parents, or authorized individuals, must accompany their Lower School children to the Lower School office and sign them in for the day.  Middle and Upper School students must report to the Upper School office and sign themselves in for the day.  All late arrivals must be accompanied by a note from the parent or authorized individual.

Early Departure – Parents, or authorized individuals, must sign their Lower School children out for the day at the lower school office.  For early departures of Middle and Upper School students, we ask that parents or authorized individuals visit or call the Upper School office to provide permission for the student to leave.  All students must sign themselves out for the day.

Make-Up Work for Absences

It is the responsibility of each student to meet with his/her teachers to receive and complete missed assignments due to absences.  Assignments must be made up within 5 days of the absence, or a grade of “0” will be entered into the gradebook.

Student Cell Phone Use

Students shall not use their cell phones during the school day unless authorized by a faculty or staff member.  Tidewater’s cell phone policy can be read in its entirety in the school handbook.

See all school policies and procedures.

Lost & Found

We have a lost and found area at both the Lower and Upper school offices.  Any items left on campus are placed in the lost and found.  Parents and students may check these areas for lost items during office hours.

Grading Scale

Preschool – Individual Evaluations & Parent Conferences

Kindergarten-Grade 2

E – Excellent

S – Satisfactory

NI – Needs Improvement

U – Unsatisfactory

Grade 3-5

A – 100-93

B – 92-85

C – 84-77

D – 76-70

F – 69-0

Grades 6-12

A – 100-93

B – 92-85

C – 84-77

D – 76-70

F – 69-0