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This February, please join us in honoring past and present TA teachers and coaches who have inspired, encouraged, and made a positive impact on their students and student-athletes.

Teaching is truly a work of heart, and the month of February is the perfect time to remember, honor, and celebrate the efforts of the great teachers who have directly impacted your success!

Yes!  I would like to honor a special teacher or coach with a $25 educational donation to Tidewater Academy.

Thank you for honoring a teacher, or coach, who influenced you in a such a meaningful way. We will be displaying your honored teacher's name, as well as your name and kind words, in an exhibit at school. We will also be including it here on the alumni page and on our school's Facebook page.

Scroll below to see who has been remembered, honored, and celebrated this month.

Honored Teachers & Coaches

Mrs. Luann Scott
Mrs. Loretta Hellyer
Ms. Susan Scarborough
Mrs. Carolyn Stanley
Mrs. Tina Price
Mrs. Ruth Judkins
Mr. F.W. Lewis
Mrs. Amanda Norris
Mr. Melvin Bailey
Miss Charlotte Simms
Mr. Walter Westbrook
-Lynn Owens-Goodrich, Class of 1985

This honor goes out to Mrs. Luann Scott, who was my English teacher at Tidewater Academy. She taught me in the 10th and 12th grades, for which I am eternally grateful and blessed. She taught me how to write essays, term papers, and how to be prepared for my college years at Longwood College. She truly inspired me, and still does to this day every time I see her. Recently, I saw her at Windsor High School where she currently teaches, and we chatted about how she taught us how to write papers. This skill is so very important, because it will carry you through life. I loved her classes, because she was so funny and creative. It was a pleasure to attend her classes, because she was a joy to be around every day. She can brighten a room, filling it with laughter and encouragement. This is for you Mrs. Scott! Thank you for everything and for guiding me toward the life I lead as a wife, mom, and career woman, Keep up the amazing job you do every day for your students. You are making a huge difference in their lives. You did in mine!

-Melanie Barfield Robinson, Class of 2008

Mrs. Hellyer was my 10th and 12th grade English teacher, and she truly developed my love for reading. She was always very passionate about what she was teaching us, and always moved throughout the classroom keeping our attention. I can still hear her saying the word mellifluous when we did our weekly vocabulary words. She made learning fun and challenged us with our assignments. She has had an everlasting impact on me.

-Chandler Williams, Class of 2011

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the 6 years I spent under the artistic tutelage of Ms. S. Although I once considered art just hobby, she introduced me to the joy of art and how to turn it into a career. Her classes taught us everything from classic art styles to exploring new mediums. But the true value she gave her students was the freedom to explore compositions that they found interesting. I have her to thank for so much – including trusting my own abilities and being confident in my work. It was never about creating the perfect picture but enjoying what I was creating and learning along the way. Without Ms, S, I would have never pursued a degree in Art + Design and I certainly would have never landed my dream job right out of college – a Graphic Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering. Here’s to Ms. S and all of the wonderful TA teachers who continue to inspire creativity and confidence in their students.


I would like to nominate Mrs. Stanley because she has always been there when you need to talk and she’s by far the best math teacher that I’ve ever had. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her students have what they need in order to be successful. She always has the best homecoming floats because she works extra hard on those just the same as she does with everything else.

-Mary Price Faison, Class of 2005

I have watched Mrs. Price influence the lives of her students and make an impact on Tidewater Academy since she started as a preschool substitute teacher then lower school secretary when I was in the 6th grade. Soon after that, she became preschool teacher and director. I watched her go back to school, taking night classes and online classes until she achieved her Bachelors Degree and then her Masters. As a preschool teacher, she has touched the lives of so many little ones as they started their journey at TA. The preschool program is top quality because of her efforts and management. Not only has she been and still is an amazing teacher, she has done so much for TA. From being on the TPA to being a cheerleading coach, she has been a dedicated employee, parent, and coach. She has 5 grandchildren currently attending TA, following the footsteps of her two daughters. As her daughter, I can say I am proud of her dedication and she is the best role model I’ve ever known. My children have been lucky to have her not only as their Mammaw but as their preschool teacher too. And I am so fortunate to have had her as my favorite co-worker.

-Tamee Carr Railey, Class of 2000

It is my honor and pleasure to honor Mrs. Judkins as a special educator who truly made an impact on my family. Not only did she teach me first grade, but she also taught my daughter first grade. I will also be thankful for the strong foundation of learning in which she instilled in us both to love learning and most of all, be able to read. Her abilities to teach students how to read and comprehend literature are priceless. Reading opens the doors for individuals and Mrs. Judkins affords her students with that amazing opportunity. “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”- thank you Mrs. Judkins for your solid foundation! I will always be grateful for your teaching influence!

-Emily Jennings Pittman, Class of 1990

Mr. Lewis was TA’s computer teacher and guidance counselor for many years. His door was always open for an encouraging word, a shoulder to cry on, or an opinion on how to make a “grown-up” decision. He helped me in so many ways become the person I am today. I credit Mr. Lewis for showing me how to be a good listener and an empathetic teacher. He also held me accountable when I made a mistake and taught me how being myself was always okay. Tidewater Academy and its alumni are better people because of the influence of F.W. Lewis. Much love to you “F.”

-Jordan Renney Berryman, Class of 1997

Mrs. Amanda Norris was both my basketball and tennis coach in high school. I really enjoyed sports seasons under her guidance because she was a genuinely nice, caring person. She taught me a lot while still making things fun! My best memory of Mrs. Norris is when were on the way to tennis practice in the school van and she (and Mr. Norris) stopped the van so that we could help a turtle cross the road. I will never forget that 🙂 I still witness her fun energy and compassion because she has also taught both of my boys in Preschool and Engineering! Thank you, Mrs. Norris, for being a happy spot in my memories of TA!

-Rex Harrison, Jr., Class of 2003

I know he wasn’t a teacher or coach, but he worked just as tirelessly as a staff member. He was always respectful, and carried himself as a gentleman. He kept that place running by keeping it clean, tidy, and ready for the next day. Caretakers are an integral part of the school system, and for this, he deserves recognition as much as anyone else on payroll.

-Steven Savedge, Class of 2004

Miss Simms taught me in the sixth grade and she was one of the best teachers I had at Tidewater Academy. She is a true lady with a heart of gold and an integral part of the school with I believe 50 years of service, maybe more.

-Brandon Seward, Class of 2006

I will never forget the day I met coach Westbrook in his office to let him know I had decided to not play basketball my junior and senior years. I was giving everything I had during football and baseball season and I looked at basketball as a lack of a break as well as an interference of my love for hunting and the outdoors. I remember my mother making me sit down and write out all the pros cons of my decision and once my mind was made, making sure I approached coach with my honest feelings. The amount of respect Coach Westbrook showed me during that conversation has never been forgotten and was a major building block in my ability to have difficult conversations in life. It was not until I matured as an adult that I realized how much respect I have for him as a coach and person. His efforts to hold student athletes accountable may not always be the popular choice, but it certainly helps kids prepare for the next chapter. “Uncoachable kids become unemployable adults,” and as I watch him to this day demand discipline on the court, I realize he is the best coach I never had, and most of his players are at an advantage when it comes to taking on the next phase of life. Coach Westbrook has always showed me that same mutual respect and for that I am grateful.

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